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I've been hit by a wave of really strange blog Spam in the last few days. Normally spam contains a link to a page hawking one dubious product or another. But this spam does not appear to have such a purpose. Its filled with small snippets of quotes, gibberish, and links to large reputable web sites (and never the same ones twice). So if this Spam is not trying to get you to buy something, and not trying to increase the traffic of a dodgy online casino, what on earth is it for? Its the first time I have been hit with Spam with no commercial (or other obvious motive). I am puzzled, and somewhere in the back of my head very worried.....


Yes, I am getting similar sorts of blog spam too. I googled "weird blog spam" and ended up here. The links in the stuff I am getting are not to famous sites but simply gobbledigook too. I thought perhaps it was a preliminary attack to see which blog owners go to the trouble of clearing the garbage by hand. But I am not sure why a spammer would want to know that.

Timothy Takemoto 17:15 Monday the 10th of April 2006 #

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