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My trusty old Thinkpad T21 died a while back so I finally bit the bullet and ordered a replacement. I got a nice deal on Ebay on a A31, but the shippers decided to play football with it and shattered the casing in several places (quite an achievement with a Thinkpad). I got a full refund from the seller , so once the tears had dried I had to come up with a plan B. Here it is

The IBM Thinkpad T43p, a thing of beauty. The only problem is that it was ordered two weeks ago and is due to arrive sometime this week. In a nice vague kind of way. I am having it delivered to the office , which may have been a mistake as I am giving myself whiplash from spinning round so fast every time I see someone carry a box past the office door. For the time being I have to content myself with reading the reviews and checking up Linux install tips on thinkwiki. And it looks like linux support for the fingerprint reader has arrived!


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