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Are you sick of hearing about the MPAA suing small children and grandmothers, . Tired of seeing messages every time you go to the cinema warning you not to be a thief? Being watched by cinema staff with night vision goggles? Region encoded DVDs. Criminal Penalties for watching your dvds on your hardware using your operating system?

Then its time to put up or shut up. are planning to make a £1,000,000 movie, by getting donations of £25 from individuals. The movie will be released under a license. No bull and power games. No paying €10 at the cinema, €40 for the dvd. No more telling your friends they cannot have a copy. No more region crippling, no more visiting 1984 every time you go to the cinema.

It might not change the movie industry overnight, but its an important first step. The team looks pretty impressive, so the movie could work out to be pretty cool, and I'm a huge fan. This could almost make up for the stillborn series.

A Swarm of Angels


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