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I used to work with a guy (Hi Daniel) who got everyone he knew to send him OPML files from their RSS readers so he could find new gems to subscribe to. I'm feeling kind of bored at the moment. So I am going to repeat his experiment. Anyone who reads this, or sees the related tweet, please send me your OPML file. If your RSS reader makes it difficult to export a list of links, then by all means send them in whatever format you like.

In a weeks time, I'll take the results, crunch em a little, and put them up for all to see. So you can get the benefit too. My email address can be grabbed from the contact link to the left. Come on, send me your links!

For the curious, here is my current list of feeds.


Hello there,

I'm here by chance, I just uploaded the OPML for all our feeds, I just googled "send me your opml" :-)

So here you are:

Best regards,


Andrea D'Intino 18:28 Wednesday the 18th of November 2009 #

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