The RIAA serves to deflect attention from its members, such as Hillsboro Jazz, Thump Records, Central Park Media to name a few 1 comment

Somebody going by the name danmagic pointed out that a very valuable function of the is to deflect attention from their members. The problem is the RIAA has a lot of members. To be practical, I knocked myself up a simple python script. Run it and it will print the names of 3 RIAA members , like this

Penalty Recordings (Ryko), Best Side Catalog, CM Java and other members of the RIAA

Run it again....

Black Out, Epitaph Records, Volcom and other members of the RIAA

Get the script here.

The script scrapes the RIAA's own membership page removes the crud , so from now on , when every they sue a small child, or tell us we cant rip our cds and play them on an ipod, make sure a little of the bad PR hits the member companies who fund them.


After a suggestion by forgotpwx4 on reddit you can now find a bookmarklet version on this page.


I love the way your mind works.

Ray 18:04 Monday the 15th of January 2007 #

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