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Watching this sent a shiver up my spine. We have not been to the moon in a very long time. Since Concorde was retired we no longer have supersonic passenger aircraft. It almost feels like all of our technology is being focused inward. Where are the great dreams of exploration. Where are the moon bases? As a species we need to get off planet. More on NASA's plans to return here

We have not been to the moon in my lifetime. The last manned landing was in 1972, 35 years ago. Concorde first flew in 1969. Manned flight has been stagnating for far too long. I recently read Warren Ellis's Ministry of Space and felt a certain pang of jealousy. I was jealous I did not live in an age where we had boldly marched into the stars. With Burt Rutan's team winning the XPrize in 2004 and NASA looking serious about a return to the moon, maybe I will live in that time after all.


Don't you work for Revver? Aren't YouTube the enemy? :)

Sean Coughlan 16:50 Friday the 11th of May 2007 #

Yes I do, no they aren't. Well not always :). We don't necessarily compete directly against them, although sometimes we do. A lot of Revver more popular creators come to us from Youtube. I like to think of them as our spam filter :)

Sean O'Donnell 16:51 Friday the 11th of May 2007 #

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