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Sorry about the downtime, you can actually still access the oghamdemo by going here. The problem is that I have switched from apache1.3 to apache2 and I am figuring out how to use ProxyPass again.

My last server was first hacked, and then abandoned by the cretins at tektonic.net (they left me hanging for 10 days before I finally told them to shove the server and went elsewhere, and then they tried to bill me). So I have moved to a new box, and am setting everything back up piece by piece.

Normal Service should resume shortly.


Hey Sean, just found Ogham and the screenshots look compelling. Sadly I had to read that Safari & Explorer are unsupported. Also your demo-site seems to be still down, so did you abandon Ogham or are you still investing some time into it ?

Hayssam Zakaria 17:55 Friday the 8th of July 2005 #

Safari is supported, but has no rich html editing capability, as soon as the safari/KHTML team add that functionality, I will work to make it fully supported. Internet explorer partially works right now, and the next releases main target is full i.e compatibility. I am still investing time, but its pretty sporadic. I will hopefully have a new release in the next two months, but no promises.

Sean O'Donnell 17:56 Friday the 8th of July 2005 #

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