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I've have finally put Vellum to rest and put together a new Django powered Blog over Christmas.

Nothing too fancy, the only real feature of note is the Recaptcha powered captchas for which I used this article as a rough guide. A fair bit of time was wasted attempting to use Django's COMMENTS_APP setting to customize Django's comments app to use the captcha, before I realized that COMMENTS_APP is not merely undocumented as the Django docs claim, but actually not working either.

Hopefully now I have finally updated the software Ill get back into the habit of writing regularly as well


Nice job.



Steve Quinlan 05:53 Wednesday the 31st of December 2008 #

Thanks Steve, its not actually that bad, most of the problems stem from markup brought over from the old blog (where I was not aiming for XHTML 1.0 String). Check just this page for example.

But yip, still have a lot of cleanup work to do (a bunch of broken links to files on older posts too).

Sean O'Donnell 20:39 Wednesday the 31st of December 2008 #

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