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My trusty old Thinkpad has finally given up the ghost. Its time had come, and considering the abuse I have dished out to it over the years the remarkable thing is that it lasted this long. One snowy January morning I tripped while walking downhill and wound up sledding 10 feet across icy tarmac on it. The hardy beast survived with only few scratches. However many more insults have been visited upon it, Not the least of which is that my new dog likes to sleep on it if I forget to put it away. I imagine its because its warm. Picking dog fur out of your keyboard is not a good thing. In the last few months it has mysteriously refused to start on occasion, and as of Sunday night it reported a corrupted CMOS. It will not allow me to boot from a floppy to reflash it. Repairing it would cost more than replacing it. So with great regret and fond memories it will have to go to laptop heaven. All progress on Ogham and posting here will slow dramatically while I sort out a replacement.


cmos isn't the bios, and it isn't stored in flash. It just holds the bios settings, and usually lives in the system's chipset in nvram. There must be a way to clear the cmos, as with all pc's. Laptops usually don't have jumpers to do this, but yanking the bios chip out and then powering on the system usually does the trick. Afterwards, shutdown, replace the bios chip and power on again.

Unknown 17:29 Wednesday the 28th of September 2005 #

I had a hunt for a jumper after trying to take the backup battery out and leaving it overnight. The thinkpads do some odd things with regard to the BIOS. Some settings are stored in an EEPROM which doesn't die if you take the BIOS backup battery out. There is no sign of a jumper to reset in any of the IBM manuals, and I cant find anything by rooting around the insides. I'm pretty ignorant of electronics, but there is certainly no chip in there I can re-seat without breaking it off. So it looks like I am flat out of luck. Thanks for the suggestions.

Sean O'Donnell 17:30 Wednesday the 28th of September 2005 #

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