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I have been using a Linksys WRT54GS as my home Wifi router for quite some time, and up until recently it has been working splendidly. I flashed it with Sveasoft's firmware when I received it, was delighted with the additional options that provide, and other than upgrading the firmware every so often it has required no time or attention. In the last month I began to experience connection timeouts, generally poor latency and my laptops Wifi connection would intermittently time out. I spend a lot of time working on remote systems so this began to drive me slowly insane. I determined that the laptop itself was not at fault as using Wifi in other locations was trouble free. Plugging directly into my cable modem revealed that the connection itself was fine. So the problem was the Wifi router itself. At first I assumed that the router itself was simply old and dying. Rebooting it would generally give me at least a half hours grace before it began to act up again. I began looking for a replacement, but somewhere along the way I found this page on the DD-WRT wiki. It turns out that older versions of the router set a fairly small limit on the maximum no of connections , and time them out very slowly.

In the time since I originally got the router DD-WRT seems to have advanced far beyond the capabilities of the Sveasoft firmware. I upgraded to it, made a few changes to the IP Filter settings as suggested on the wiki, and its like I have a brand new Internet connection, everything is snappy and swift. Thank you very much to the makers of DD-WRT. One word of caution, at the bottom of that wiki page is a suggestion to overclock the CPU to help with a bug with large file transfers, it did not work for me and required me to hard reset the router to recover, so back up your configuration before trying it.


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