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I purchased the Beta Book version of this morning and have been working my way through the Google Maps example they have. Unfortunately they provide the source for a small Java program to actually cut your big map image down into little tiles. I decided I could not be bothered to download and install a JVM , so I created my own little script in using the PIL library to create the tile images required. With very little effort it could become a generic image splitter. The resulting images are saved in PNG format by default.

Heres the source

import Image
import sys

image =[1])
tile_width = int(sys.argv[2])
tile_height = int(sys.argv[3])
zoom_level = sys.argv[4]

if image.size[0] % tile_width == 0 and image.size[1] % tile_height ==0 :
    currentx = 0
    currenty = 0
    while currenty < image.size[1]:
        while currentx < image.size[0]:
            print currentx,",",currenty
            tile = image.crop((currentx,currenty,currentx + tile_width,
                                  currenty + tile_height))
  "x" + str(currentx) + "y" + str(currenty
                                        ) + "z" + zoom_level + ".png","PNG")
            currentx += tile_width
            currenty += tile_height
            currentx = 0
    print ("sorry your image does not fit neatly into",


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