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I would really like to get a good setup for Calendaring and todo lists. I used Sunbird for a while, but being bound to the desktop was no fun, and I never found a good publishing solution. Chandler, while promising suffers from the same problems and it still doesn't really seem to be ready for prime time. I'm happy with my mail system, so I really don't want to go with one of the all in one Zimbra style monsters. I would like to host any solution myself, I don't like sticking all of my precious data into someone else's silo, so Google calendar and the like are out. The ability to easily sync with my Nokia E70 would be a huge plus. Anybody out there have any recommendations for something that might fit the bill?


Sean, this might be a sledgehammer for a nut, but have you looked at ActivCollab? (OS alternative to Basecamp with ToDos, calendars, project management of course, and loads more). The thing you might like best is that you download and run off your own server :) HTH

Seaghan 16:30 Saturday the 8th of September 2007 #

Thanks for the link Seaghan. It looked really promising, but unfortunately it appears that the project is no longer open source. They have closed it as of the latest version and are no longer even making the old one available for download :(

Sean O'Donnell 16:31 Saturday the 8th of September 2007 #

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