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I've dipped into lisp a few times in the past, and always vowed to come back for more. Well I found a collection of videos from The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Languages based on the book of the same name. I've spent the evening going watching the first lecture with the clisp interpreter open in a terminal beside it and stepping through the examples he is using.

clisp is not the same as the dialect used in the lectures , so you will probably need the help of a quick cheat sheet like this one. Function definition is probably the first road block you will come up against, that and typing the name of a function brings me to the debugger, where as in his interpreter it informs you that what you have typed is the name of a function (is there any way to get clisp to do this.). To anyone else out there exploring lisp I recommend lisp in a box as a nice starter environment.

The lectures themselves are very entertaining and well done. As a taster to peak you curiosity , they begin by explaining why computer science is not a science and has little to do with computers with reference to Egyptian gods....


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