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I have been using Tiny Tiny RSS for a long time now, and its a great web based feed reader. Subscribing to a new feed is a bit of a pain though, I have to open up Tiny Tiny RSS in a separate tab, wait for it to load, select subscribe to feed, and then manually type in the url (which probably involves viewing the source on the page with the feed). Its a bit much , not a herculean task, but a pain.

Over the last few days I have created a bookmarklet to automate the process, it does RSS discovery and submits the link to my Tiny Tiny RSS installation, it displays the url before adding it, so you can change it to a different feed, or paste it in if it is not autodetectable. Just unzip the bookmarket, and place addfeed.php and bookmarklet.php in the root of your installation. Then visit http://[your installation]/bookmarklet.php , and drag the subscribe link onto your bookmarks toolbar in firefox. Thats it, your ready to go. If anyone finds any bugs or has any suggestions or improvements, please let me know.

source available on github


Hi! how can I attach a patched version of the bookmarklet which will run on servers which have save mode on in their php.ini?

Shakka 17:06 Monday the 9th of October 2006 #

Hi There, If you can give me an idea of what kind of restrictions are in your php.ini, I will see If I can work around them. If you dont want to post them in a public comment , feel free to email them to me. Sean

Sean O'Donnell 17:07 Monday the 9th of October 2006 #

I am also interested in this and have been checking back on this site frequently. How soon do you think you can release even just a beta version?

itiraf 17:09 Monday the 9th of October 2006 #

Hi Guys, the version linked to above now includes Shakka's patch. Shakka, I have added your name to the credits and copyright statements. If you want to send me your full name to update it let me know.

Sean O'Donnell 17:10 Monday the 9th of October 2006 #

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